HydraTrendTM test strips provide feedback on an individual’s hydration status.

Easy to use, these disposable test strips take a single hydration measurement and results are given in less than a minute.

Provides feedback on hydration to ensure adjustment if required

Is convenient and easy to use

Gives results in 30-60 seconds

Uses a small urine sample

The HydraTrendTM test kit includes:

  • 50 urine test strips
  • pH and specific gravity quality controls
  • Sample collection cup
  • Colour chart for reading results
  • Complete instructions
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Why monitoring for hydration is important:

  • Dehydration can be highly dangerous, whether it results from exertion, environmental factors or health status.
  • If you wish to maintain a healthy state of hydration, HydraTend test strips can provide feedback so that you can fine-tune your fluid intake.
  • Monitoring of urine specific gravity is a valuable tool in optimizing athletic and physical performance.